What we do


We thrive to enhance your home, planning, researching, coordinating and eventually transforming your space in the best environment to inspire and serve your needs at best adding a touch of the priceless beauty of Italian Design


Functionality meets charm. We create perfect solutions for modern life and practical needs. Your business is our business, your success our best opportunity.


Creativity, design, pleasure of innovative materials, tradition, quality standards and creative use of colors. A formula that completes and complement your living space indoor and outdoor.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

The TRINETTI DESIGN creative process begins hand-in-hand with the client, taking care of the emotions, needs and desires, coming up with the best solution possible. During the first meeting photos and measurements will be taken, as well as a discussion of color and style. We will begin to work one on one with you, as well as closely with the architect and contractors as the need arises.

We continuously challenge ourselves to redefine the experience of space with a philosophical approach to design – well-established in inspiration – celebrating our client’s ideas and the location in which the project is developed. The brainstorming session will be a discussion of your priorities and design needs.

We conceptualize the ideas we create together, in a logical series of solutions that work perfectly together in a natural and smooth way. The result gives interest to the client, in discovering an unexpected series of spaces, which are not just esthetically unique, but that are creating an emotional connection with the environment we thoroughly create.

This is the last step of the Trinetti Design creative process, where the magic happens. We materialize in front of your eyes our ideas, emotions and inspirations, and the result becomes part of your daily life, and will be humanized by your final touch, the experience of living it.

About Us

Trinetti Design comes to life from a spine of Trinetti Construction, a firm with more than 50 years of experience in construction industry, custom stonework and landscaping.
Trinetti Design powerfully designs your solution with a purely Italian approach. The firm closely works with Italian brands, that produce original design pieces with innovative materials, expanding the design boundaries even more.
We believe in the Design as a conceptual way of expression and interaction. It is not just the space and the shapes, but also the deep meaning, the process, the idea and the aptitude. We support and create a design that shapes itself around the needs of the consumer, a form of design that rules the intersubjective and subjective, the perceptual aspects and the sensitive phenomena.



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