Old Line has been in business for 40 years ever since 1977, when the company was founded by people who decided to apply their extensive cabinet making experience to start a success story. The company is now headed by the second-generation family members, who have been instilled with a passion for an ancient craft and the continuous quest for excellence.
Old Line designs timeless, fully customisable kitchens and stirs emotions by transforming living spaces into unique and exclusive environments which are cosy, inviting and functional.
Inhabiting an Old Line kitchen means surrounding oneself with refined materials, cherishing innovation and tradition, and opting for a unique and personal style. ‘Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered’.


Old Line operates and manufactures its products with special emphasis on sustainable development, and monitors its production chain according to the most advanced environmental management systems.
The project initiated by the company is inspired by a strong sense of responsibility which drives the company to find the most environmentally compatible solutions.
The company privileges local suppliers to optimise goods transport and logistics, so as to limit the impact on the environment; its plants are energy self-sufficient as they produce and use renewable energy sources generated through photovoltaic systems, which cover roughly 50% of the company’s energy requirements.