Record è Cucine

Creativity and tradition, that’s the Italian style. 100% made in Italy

We are but manufacturers. Our suppliers are part of the manufacturing process, but they do not represent the process in its entirety.
Italy is our country, not just our headquarters…
That’s the Italian style, our style.
Italian kitchen design from Record e Cucine perfectly blends creativity, design, pleasure of innovative materials and creative use of colors.
We do not forget about craftsmanship, tradition, and quality standards. A formula that has allowed Italy to be the home of fashion, the signature “dolce vita” and, of course, good food together with top-notch kitchens: in all respects.
Record gives life to custom kitchen design inspired by definitive Italian style going beyond fashion
and aiming at quality of life at home.

Quality that can be touched

We create perfect solutions for modern living inspired by best practices in Italian kitchen design.
The quality that can be touched
According to Record è Cucine quality must be accessible to all and products must be reliable, durable and ergonomic.
For this reason, we studied functional solutions in Kitchen Design customized for the modern living.

– Tough materials
– Visible edges
– Plinths with concealed gaskets
– Aluminium base covering
– Protected hinges
– Decelerated closing system
– Practical and ergonomic internal equipment
– Hanging units with luminous bottom