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My Seventy Plus

My Seventy Plus By Idea Group LINE: My Seventy Plus YEAR: 2022 My Seventy Plus modern bathroom furniture by Idea explores all the shapes of designer bathroom furniture, from soft, gentle ones to more linear ones with which to create endless compositions. The modern bathrooms proposed count on ergonomics for bathroom furniture and accessories: rounded shapes and open units placed under mirrors provide […]


Form By Idea Group LINE: Form YEAR: 2023 Refined coordination and a huge choice of finishes and colours make Form a versatile, contemporary line of floor-standing and suspended bathroom cabinets that combine good looks and functionality. Truly distinctive elements characterise the collection: a new curved bathroom cabinet with Mineralsolid top and raised edges, a floor-standing bathroom cabinet on legs. The […]

My time

My time By Idea Group LINE YEAR PROJECT It is made for those who like contrasting volumes and colours, and material, textured finishes. In the My Time collection wood-effect finishes are combined with colours, yielding furnishing solutions that are exquisitely stylish and informal at the same time.   With a wealth of customization options in terms of colours and details – […]


Nyù By Idea Group LINE: Nyù YEAR: 2022 Nyù bathrooms offer a balanced combination of sophisticated materials and attractive colours, with every single detail perfectly in line with the style of the home and those who live in it. There are finishes for all tastes: There are finishes for all tastes: matt or glossy brushed […]


Cubik By Idea Group LINE: Cubik YEAR: 2023 The collection of designer bathroom furniture is distinguished by its uncluttered linearity and good looks. The drawers and doors are made with 45° edges without external handles, divided by grooves creating a pattern of diagonal lines that achieve the minimal style characteristic of modern bathroom furniture. Customisation is fundamental: a choice of […]


Sense By Idea Group LINE YEAR PROJECT A visual but above all tactile experience lets you rediscover a new connection between design, texture and advanced product innovation. Choose from a wide range of finishes, including solid Teak, Fenix laminate obtained from nanotechnology, metal and plain lacquers, and brand new matt open-pore lacquers on a Teak […]


Dogma By Idea Group LINE: Dogma YEAR: 2023 The key focus of the Dogma furnishing collection is on sleek geometric shapes and modular volumes enhanced by textured materials, such as Rovere wood, Stoneware and Marble. Vibrant lacquered finishes and meticulous attention to detail create a natural visual effect, transforming the bathroom into a peaceful sanctuary.


Dolcevita By Idea Group LINE YEAR PROJECT A modern interpretation of timeless elegance and skilful craftsmanship, Dolcevita is a bathroom furnishing collection in which materials are emphasised by the iconic, sinuous lines and fluted design of the modular units. Shadows and light alternate in a continuous interplay of subtle references, adding three-dimensional depth.


Via Condotti By Idea Group LINE YEAR PROJECT The latest assortment, drawing inspiration from Rome’s upscale shopping enclave—a chic thoroughfare synonymous with Italian taste and global style—features a distinctive innovation: a fresh vertical repeating pattern adorning both cabinet fronts and sides. The subtle ridges traversing the surface vertically generate a captivating interplay of light and […]