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Luxury By Santa Lucia LINE: Homy YEAR: 2023 The distinctive through-frame creates an ultra-light structure, in which shelves and drawer units are freely placed. Luxury is a versatile walk-in closet composition, designed to offer lots of different layout options thanks to this collection’s exclusive feature: the aluminum frame. Recessed LED lights run along the height […]


Liscia By Santa Lucia LINE: Liscia YEAR: 2023 One wardrobe, many ways to interpret bedroom style and design: The doors can be configured to include open compartments or other compartments designedfor lots of different uses.


Nocta Hinged door By Santa Lucia LINE YEAR PROJECT Hinged doors for this spacious, organized wardrobe with straight lines and a special glass or mirrored finish.SS doors provide contrast to opaque volumes, and mirrored doors open up the space visually. Both versions bestow elegance on the space they inhabit, whether it is a bedroom or […]